Houses for Ukrainian refugees will be bought in Britain

According to the publication, housing will be bought with funds received from the state as part of the program help for children in Ukraine. They will be invested in the local housing company Stone Circle, which will purchase the houses and lease them to Ukrainian families.

“We are going to use government funds in an innovative way to purchase homes that Ukrainian citizens can use,” said Richard Clover, head of Wiltshire County Council.

It is noted that similar measures are also considered by the authorities of other regions.

Meanwhile, local council member Ruth Hopkins said it would take months to buy houses, and about 879 Ukrainians will soon need housing.

“Besides, we do not know where the new houses will be located. And they are unlikely to be near the places where these people get a job, ”added Hopkins.

At the same time, in mid-October, the British newspaper Daily Mail wrote that due to the rising cost of living in the UK, they began to gradually phase out the “Houses for Ukraine” program. As a result, refugees are increasingly becoming homeless, which causes some concern in society.

As the authors of the material note, currently about 2 thousand citizens of Ukraine are left without a roof over their heads. In total, a little less than 100,000 refugees have arrived in the UK since the beginning of the Russian special operation.

At the end of August, it became known that about a quarter of the participants in the program sponsoring the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees want to leave it. The reason was increased prices and increased electricity bills.