Ukrainian refugees opposed eviction from a hotel in Croatia

According to the publication, the refugees who lived in the local hotel “Pitsok” received a notification from the authorities that they were going to be relocated to another hotel in the city of Koprivnica. It is noted that the new location of the Ukrainians is located 27 km from Djurjevac.

According to Jutarnji list, the authorities held a tender for the accommodation of refugees, in which the Podravina hotel from Koprivnica won. In turn, the owner of “Pitsok” could not file an application.

Due to the current situation, the Ukrainians opposed the plan to evict them from Pitsok, arguing that many of them had already found work in Dzhurdzhevats, and their children began to go to a local kindergarten and school.

“We really appreciate everything that the Croatian state has done and is doing for us <…> But many of us work here, and this does not let us lose heart. How can we explain this to kids who have made friends at school?” – said Ukrainian Elena Chernoshok, who lives in Djurjevac with her mother and son.

Later, the publication reported that at a meeting with representatives of the authorities of the Koprivnica-Krizhevtsy district, it was decided to provide Ukrainian refugees with the opportunity to live in Dzhurdzhevats for “some time” until they were resettled.

At the same time, the district prefect Darko Koren noted that accommodation at the Pitsok Hotel would not be permanent. In addition, according to Interior Ministry civil protection coordinator Darko Maistorovich, the ultimate goal of the authorities is to integrate Ukrainians into the local community through their placement with private individuals.

Earlier, on November 27, Myśl Polska reported that refugees from Ukraine were refusing to leave the hotel complex in the center of Poznan. They announced a protest action and wrote an appeal to the government of the Greater Poland Voivodeship with a request not to evict them.

On November 23, the refugees complained about the decision of the Irish authorities to evict them from a hotel in the suburbs of Dublin, where they had lived since May. It is noted that half of the Ukrainians living in the hotel have already found work in the area. Accordingly, in the event of eviction, they will lose it.