Ukrainian refugees planning to work in Latvia will be obliged to learn the Latvian language

Ukrainian refugees planning to work in Latvia will be required to learn the Latvian language. Such decision on Wednesday, December, 7th, was accepted by the commission of a diet on defense, internal affairs and prevention of corruption.

“Residents of Ukraine who have entered into labor relations in Latvia will be required to attend Latvian language courses from January 1, 2024,” Latvijas Avīze reported.

According to parliamentarian Edmunds Zivtiņš, the new amendments do not impose anything, but, on the contrary, “meet” the refugees, so that it would be easier for them to work.

Latvian MP Ugis Rotbergs believes that the law on supporting civilians in Ukraine should provide for such a requirement in the long term outside the refugee status of Ukrainians.

Earlier, on December 1, it was reported that Ukrainian refugees in Wales would be required to pay for part of the meals and laundry services in order to speed up their integration into local communities. The changes will come into effect in January 2023. The changes will affect those living in government-funded temporary housing for five weeks or more.

On November 29, it became known that Poland wanted to oblige Ukrainian refugees to pay for living in state-provided housing. The authorities decided that after 120 days of living in collective accommodation centers, Ukrainian refugees will have to compensate 50% of the cost of accommodation and meals, but this amount will not exceed 40 zlotys (540 rubles) per day. The new rules are expected to come into effect on March 1, 2023.

Prior to this, on November 26, the Vice President of the European Commission (EC), responsible for democracy and demography, Dubravka Schuica, said that host countries should be prepared for the fact that refugees from Ukraine will remain there for many years even after the end of the conflict. The problem, she said, is that families believe they will return home the day after the conflict is over.

On November 21, Time columnist Lisa Abend said that with the onset of winter, Europeans, who have taken millions of Ukrainian refugees into their countries, are increasingly tired of forced guests.